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Setting Up OT limits

We provide 2 OT limit settings for both Hourly Workers (Part Timers) and Salaried Workers (Full Timers). This can be useful for managers in planning the week's schedule to reach a target number of hours.

Organisation-wide OT Settings

To set up a blanket organisation-wide target, go to Settings page > select Overtime on the left. Limits set in this page acts as a blanket setting applicable to all staff.

Individual OT Settings

f you have staff with specific OT limit, you can set it up in their individual profile in My Team page. The limits set here overrides the overall setting for the intended staff. 

Timesheet View of OT hours

Day-by-day View

The Basic column shows the OT limit you have set, any additional hours worked will be reflected in the OT column. 

Period View

Note: Our weekly OT indication follows strictly from Monday - Sunday regardless of the dates. 

Calculation of Weekly OT

Here's an example, assuming a 44h weekly OT limit. These OT hours will therefore be counted under May if you payroll period is from 1st May - 31st May.

To learn how to calculate OT, learn more at:

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