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Basic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Basic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs to start off your first two weeks!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I clock in for my shift?

A: On the mobile app, go to the Daily tab, you will see your assigned shift. Make sure GPS is turned on and all permissions are allowed to StaffAny app then click on Check In to clock in.

Q: How do I know if staff has already clocked in for their shift for the day?

A: On the mobile app, go to the Store tab, you will be able to see if your staff has clocked in for the shift for the day.

Q: What if the staff was assigned a shift but took MC/Urgent Leave at the last minute, what should I do?

A: You can un-assign the shift first then assign the MC or Urgent Leave to staff in the Schedule page.

Q: What if the staff forgot to clock in or clock out?

A: Manager can go to the staff Timesheet to override the clock out timing and indicate in the remarks the reason for amending the time.

Q: Can I only amend the Timesheet on the day itself?

A: No, you can amend the Timesheet at any point of time even if the shift has passed.

Q: How frequently should I check the Timesheet to ensure all data are up to date?

A: StaffAny advises to do it every end of the week so that you will still be able to address any discrepancies instead of month end.

Q: What should I do if staff change their phone number?

A: Managers should first inform HR to change the number in the system before the staff tries logging in with the new number as they won’t be able to access if they do.

Q: Who should I contact if I have questions about StaffAny?

A: Contact StaffAny via Intercom on the Web App, or open your Mobile App and shake your phone to launch Intercom for quickest response.

Q: I approved a Unscheduled Shift and it disappeared!

A: Please publish your schedule for the week, then the Unscheduled Shift will turn up back in Timesheets!

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