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Timesheet Filtering for Multi Outlet Costing
Timesheet Filtering for Multi Outlet Costing

Run manpower cost reports categorised by outlets!

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To breakdown the working hours of a staff at different outlets/sections, we can filter by Section Staff (SS), and Section Hours (SH) - these can be found in Timesheet.

We can export the timesheets either by:

  1. Where the staff is tagged to (using SS)

  2. Where the staff actually worked at (using SH)


Assume that Staff ABC is tagged in Section A only, and then sent to support Section B.

How It Works

Depending on the aim of i) payroll processing or ii) cost reporting/accounting we can use SS/SH accordingly.

For i) payroll purposes, filter timesheets by SS for Section A. This enables you to pay Staff ABC (since he is from Section A) for the combined worked hours done in both Section A and Section B.

For ii) cost reporting/accounting purposes, filter timesheets by SH for Section A. This enables you to see Staff ABC worked hours under section A only. Repeat the process for Section B as necessary.

Additionally to find out only Section A staff who worked in Section B (excluding Section B staff): filter SH for Section B, then filter SS for Section A only.

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