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Set up Geofenced Timeclock with QR Code and Photo
Set up Geofenced Timeclock with QR Code and Photo

Find out how to set up our different Geofenced Timeclock methods!

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To view and edit your section's details

  1. Click on Settings > Sections > Select Section of Choice

  2. Click on 'Attendance & Timeclock'

Note: StaffAny offers 3 different clocking methods. You can read more here. This guide focuses on Geofenced Timeclock method only.

Geofence Timeclock (with/without QR Code)

This option allows your staff to clock in and out based on the store location and a defined radius, in order to prevent staff from clocking in/out outside of your store. This is done on the Web App.

Setting up the location coordinates

  1. Search your store location on Google Maps

  2. Right click at the location, click on the numbers to copy them. Eg 1.28359, 103.85916

  3. On StaffAny Settings, select Geofenced Timeclock method

  4. Copy 1.28359 into the 'Latitude' box, and 103.85916 into 'Longitude'

  5. Set a radius (at least 50m is recommended due to phone GPS inaccuracy especially in buildings/basements)

  6. Save! You may click on the map to double check and shift the location pin accordingly.

Download QR Code

You can also link this clock-in method with an additional QR code placed physically in- store to enforce a stricter clocking system.

Staff will have to scan this QR code + be within the pre-set radius to clock in and out (even for breaks). When this option is selected, a QR code will be generated which you can download instantly.

Geofence Timeclock (with/without Photo)

You can also use this clock-in method with a photo, by requiring your Staff to snap a photo of themselves at the work location within the pre-set radius to clock in and out.

Note: Geofence + Photo ensures that employees are present at the designated location, preventing them from clocking in from another location within the geofence perimeters.

How to view Employee Clock-in Photos

You can review the photos taken by employees when they clock-in and out of work to ensure they were at the work location.

  1. Click on Timesheets > Select Section

  2. Select Employee profile > Look for the "Eye" Icon

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