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Platform: Mobile

Access Level: Owner & Manager

Once you have created your own profile, you can start adding staff into your organisation.

  1. On the Mobile app, Tap on More > My Team

  2. Select the section you wish to add the staff into

  3. Tap on Add Staff

  4. Tap on the “+” icon

  5. Search > Select the Staff you want to add. Tap Done to proceed

  6. Enter the details of each staff as shown above. We have 4 different access levels from the following options


  • Schedule Employees

  • Add Employees to Organisation,

  • Edit and Export Timesheets,

  • View and Input Wages,

  • Edit Company settings


  • Schedule Employees

  • Add Employees to Organisation

  • Edit and Export Timesheets


  • Only able to VIEW the respective tagged Section (outlet) Schedule. Unable to make any changes


  • Only able to view and acknowledge their own schedule and timesheet

The generic role in the system is Staff. If you have created other roles, you will be able to choose them from the dropdown box.

Toggling on the ‘Send App Link’ button will send an SMS to the staff with a link, prompting them to download the StaffAny app on their mobile phone. Tap on Submit to complete the process.

You will be able to see the staff you just added under the ‘Pending’ tab. Once they have downloaded the app and created their profile, they will appear under the ‘Active’ tab.

Find out how to add staff on the Web App.

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