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Platform: Mobile

Access Level: Owner/Manager/Supervisor/Employee

Sometimes clocking in and out (CICO) may have issues due to set up issues. These can be solved by following the guide below!

Geofenced Clock-in/out issues 

1. Incorrect store location

For geofenced clocking method, your store's location (latitude and longitude) is inputted into our system. However if done incorrectly, the resulting location might be inaccurate. For assistance on updating your geolocation coordinates, please refer to how to set up your timeclock

2. Incorrect user location (you are not within the store radius)

We typically recommend a minimum radius of 50m for a small buffer. We recommend englarging further for stores that are either surrounded by large buildings or located at basement levels so that it is easier for your mobile phone's GPS to detect your actual location.

However we understand that some business owners might prefer a smaller radius to prevent CICO fraud. We advise you to experiment to determine the minimum radius required to clock in to your store seamlessly. From experience, the lowest bare minimum we recommend is 30m due to inaccuracies of smartphones in city areas (unfortunately smartphones use Civilian GPS satellites, not Military ones )= ).

3. GPS Location Service Troubleshoot

Here are some basic troubleshooting methods you can try:

  • Ensure Location/GPS Permission is given to StaffAny mobile app

  • Ensure Location/GPS is turned on

  • Ensure GPS Accuracy is set to High

  • Ensure Power Saving Mode is turned off (If Power Saving Mode is on,  your GPS will turn off automatically and accuracy will be switched to low, causing clocking errors.)

  • Reinstall StaffAny mobile app 

  • Restart your mobile phone

If the above fails, force close your StaffAny mobile app completely (do not leave it working in the background) > open Google Maps and wait a few seconds to allow it to read your actual updated location > then relaunch the StaffAny app and try to clock in/out again.

Note: StaffAny mobile app relies on Google Maps to read your location and this applies to all mobile devices. If Google Maps is not reading your location accurately on your mobile phone, try it on another mobile phone. If the other mobile phone displays your store's location accurately, there could be a fault in your current mobile device.

WIFI Clock-in/out issues

1. Incorrect WiFi network

Most routers have separate networks at 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. If both bands of WiFi are being broadcasted under one single name, your router will automatically connect you to the preferred band network.  It is only possible to select a band network when you have two separate WiFi networks (eg. StaffAny & StaffAny_5G) broadcasted by your router.

Hence, the error shows that you may be connected to a WiFi that is not linked to your organisation's account. Try connecting to the correct WiFi and clock-in again.

2. Location services (GPS) not turned on

All Android and iOS phones require GPS permissions to access Wifi. Hence, this error informs you that you have not turned on your GPS and you will not be able to access your store's WiFi to clock in/out. If you have already turned on your GPS but it is still not working, please refer to the pointers above for GPS troubleshooting methods. 

If you do not see your error message here, please contact our friendly StaffAny Customer Support via Intercom for further assistance. 

Setting up StaffAny Settings

iOS users, please refer to the following video to set up StaffAny settings properly to clock in and out successfully.

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