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Pull Support Staff from Other Sections
Pull Support Staff from Other Sections

Learn how to do multi-outlet scheduling!

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Platform: Mobile & Web

Access Level: Owner & Manager

Streamline your workflow with multi-location scheduling

Managers can flexibly assign staff from other sections to work in their current section.

Note: Only applicable to managers tagged to more than one section. Only then will you have access to the staff from other sections.

  1. Click on the '+' button in the Support Staff row

  2. Select a Shift > Role > Search > Select a staff to assign them to your section for that shift.

We recommend that you untag all your temporary staff (if any) and rely on the Support-Staff row for your ad-hoc manpower needs. This in turn, gives you a better management along with your section's permanent staff by not showing them in places that they are not expected to show. 

This feature is also available in our Mobile App. Just follow these quick steps shown:

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