Indicate Your Day Availability

Indicate your available timeslots to let your manager know of your preference!

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Platform: Mobile

Access Level: Employee

Contract Type: Part Timer

Are you a Part Timer? Yes? Then we got something exclusively for you!
Let your manager know your work timing preferences. Marked availabilities show up to your manager when he is scheduling for the week.

  1. Go to Schedule  tab. Click on My Availabilities .

  2. Click on Add Availability 

  3. Select the week.

  4. Select the days that you are available on.

  5. Set the time range. You can check I'm available all day if you feel so.

  6. Finally, select the sections that you prefer and click Submit. Don't worry if you have only one section.

  7. Once submitted, your managers will be able to see your availability when scheduling!

  8. View and edit all your availabilities from My Availabilities  page.

Note: Please be certain when indicating your availabilities. Avoid last-minute changes especially after shifts have been published. This might result in you not getting the shifts you want.

This is how it will look like for managers when scheduling shifts. Read more here.

Overnight Availabilities

Part-timers can also indicate their overnight availabilities.

Eg. If Staff A is available from 08:00 to 08:00 (next day), they can now do so by simply selecting the timings accordingly.

From the screenshot below, a '+1' indicates that the shift availability extends until the next day.

This will also be indicated on the Schedule page when managers are scheduling shifts.

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