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CICO Plan: Staff Onboarding Guide
CICO Plan: Staff Onboarding Guide

The basic app walkthrough for your Staff

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Tier: CICO

Platform: Mobile

Access Level: Owner/Manager/Supervisor/Employee

Logging In

An SMS will be sent out when Managers add you into the system. Upon receiving the SMS, click on the link to be directed to the App or Play store to download StaffAny.

Once downloaded, log in using your mobile number and wait for the SMS OTP to be sent to verify your account. For Indonesian users, you will receive the OTP via WhatsApp instead.

Good news for Android users, OTP is automatically filled in once you received it.

Once logged in, you will be prompted to fill in your email address (optional) and upload a photo.

Once done, you have successfully logged into your StaffAny account!

Clocking In/Out (Flexi)

For Flexi attendance method, you can proceed to clock in by clicking on the big green button, Check In and select the Section(s) [outlet/department].

Once you have completed your shift, click on the yellow button, Check Out and repeat the steps to clock out successfully.

Clocking in/out (Fixed Shift)

On the Daily tab, you will be able to see your assigned shift for the day. Click on the big green buttons "Check In" then I'm here! when you arrive at your assigned working location.

Clock in time is then recorded! You can now close the app and start your shift.

Once you have completed your shift, click on the yellow button, Check Out and repeat the steps to clock out successfully.

Timeclock Methods

We have 3 different clock in/out methods as shown below. Do check in with your Manager to understand which is your selected method and refer accordingly. Do ensure your mobile’s location services (GPS) is turned on for all timeclock options before clocking in/out for all shifts.


You need to be connected to your outlet’s WiFi in order to clock in. Follow the above steps depending on your Attendance Method (Flexi or Fixed Shift) to clock in and out.

Geofenced (with/without QR code)

A radius limit will be set around the outlet by your management's discretion, you will have to be at the outlet in order to clock in/out successfully. You will also need to scan the QR code provided as an add-on step if your management choose to implement.

GPS (with/without Photo)

This method records your exact location upon clocking in/out so that your Manager can review it later on your whereabouts. With the photo option, you can take a selfie to show you have turn up for work.


You can view all your clocked shifts here which also provides as a confirmation of your actual hours worked. A good practice is also acknowledging all your shifts at the end of the week so your Manager knows that you have checked.

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