Employee Shift Questions

Collect staff’s input - e.g. temperature-taking, other shift details or use it as an employee engagement tool!

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Your employees can input information before, during or after a shift with Shift Questions (previously called Shift Notes). These valuable on-the-ground data can then be reviewed in Timesheets.

Note: The questions added will be shown to all staff in the organisation.

This guide will cover the following:

Set Up

If you would like to use Shift Questions, do reach out to StaffAny Support Team via Intercom for more information.

Type of Question

What type of questions that StaffAny supports at the moment?

We currently support 5 types of shift question:

  1. Check Box

  2. Text

  3. Number

  4. Attachment (Photo)

  5. Acknowledgement (Radio)


A Checkbox type will have box that you can freely check or uncheck on the shift question.


A Text type will allow you to enter any kind of text with combination with numbers, symbols etc on the shift question.


A Number type will allow you to put a specific number on the response for the shift question.

Attachment (Photo)

An Attachment type will allow you to upload an image files for the shift question.

Note: The uploaded image will be accessible on the timesheet.

Acknowledgement (Radio)

An Acknowledgement (Radio) type will allow you to choose between Yes/No answer for the shift question.

How It Works: Staff Submitting Shift Questions

  1. Go to Daily tab.

  2. Click on Fill in Shift Questions

  3. Fill in your responses on the page and press Save. You may edit your responses for up to 6 hours after the end of your shift.

Note: For accounts using flexi attendance method on the CICO tier, employees can only access the Shift Questions page after clocking into a shift.

Reviewing Shift Questions

After your staff has successfully submitted the shift questions, you can review their records in Timesheet:

Timesheet on Web App
View staff's responses for the shift by clicking on the file icon. Data can also be exported for further use.

Timesheet on Mobile App
View staff's responses under Shift Questions.

Note: You cannot edit the staff's filled in Shift Questions retroactively. Please consider writing a note/remark in the timesheet instead.

Information collected under Shift Questions is meant to facilitate your processes; these data will not trigger any prompts (eg data exceeds a threshold). You can review them in Timesheets.

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