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Troubleshooting CSV file with Excel
Troubleshooting CSV file with Excel

Having trouble with Excel auto-formatting your dates and number type?

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When opening downloaded StaffAny CSV files with Excel, are you facing any of the following issues?

  1. The date values in the file [DD.MM.YY] are auto-converted to incorrect dates in a different format.

  2. The prefix 0 of numbers are missing [removed by excel].

  3. Other issues due to auto-formating

To solve them, please do the following steps:

For Windows Computers:

To prevent excel force saving the csv date format into something other than what the template requires:

Step 1: Select the entire date column

Step 2: Press Ctrl+1 to open the Format Cells dialog.

Step 3: On the Number tab, select Date from the Category list

Step 4: Choose '03/14/12' (i.e. DD/MM/YY for leaves) or '14.03.12' (i.e. DD.MM.YY for SPLH Target Sales) in the Type box. Click OK to save the changes

Step 5: Upload the CSV file

Note: If you re-open and edit the file again, you have to go through these steps once more to upload it correctly!

It is recommended to change the Locale(location) to French (Belgium) to find the needed date format for both leave and sales report.

For Apple Computers:

DO NOT open the CSV file in excel by double-clicking

Step 1: Open Excel or a blank excel sheet. Do not open the file yet.

Step 2: Select the Data tab.

Step 3: Click on the From text icon to display the Import Text File dialog box.

Step 4: Select the CSV file to import and click Import.

Step 5: From the Text Import Wizard that poped up, select the Delimited radio button.

Step 6: Check "Comma" as a delimiter. Click Next.

Step 7: Highlight all columns and mark the format as "text" and click Finish.

✅ Now your CSV file should be Imported to Excel without any difference in values as seen in StaffAny ✅

To verify that the CSV file had been saved correctly, you can open the CSV file in Notepad and check the formatting.

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