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Sending and Tracking Announcements
Sending and Tracking Announcements

Send official announcements to your staff, with traceable acknowledgements

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Platform: Web & Mobile

Access Level: Owner & Manager

Send one-way official announcements to groups of staff who are in the same section as you. Easily track if staff have seen announcements through acknowledgements reports.

With announcements, no more chasing of acknowledgements when making announcements is needed. Separate work and play, and never have hundreds of group chats again!

Web App

Viewing announcements

You can view the list of announcements via the ‘Announcements’ tab.

Sending announcements

To send out announcements, click on the ‘Create new post’ button.

You can then add in the following details before publishing the announcement:

  1. The content of the announcement

  2. The images attached to the announcement (maximum can only upload 4 pictures)

  3. Choose the sections you want to release the announcements to

  4. Select the staff’s contract type (either Full times or Part-timers) to which you want to release the announcement.

  5. Mark if it is compulsory for your staff to acknowledge your announcement or not

Click on the ‘Create’ button when you are done and want to release the announcement.

Checking announcements

You will be able to see overall and in details, how many of your staff have acknowledged your announcement.

To see an overall breakdown of how many staff have already acknowledged the announcements, click on the export button to get the CSV containing all the relevant staff details.

A sample of the export is shown below -

Deleting Announcements

Only the original creators of an announcement can delete them.

To delete the announcement, click the dots icon on the top right of the post > click ‘Delete Post’.

Mobile App

Viewing Announcements

To view announcements, on the StaffAny app, go to More Tab > Announcements

On the Announcements screen, you can see all announcements that are either created by you or you have received.

Sending Announcements

To send a new announcement, click on “Create New Post”

Select the group of staff that you want to send this announcement to, and write the message for your announcement.

You can filter the group of people either by contract type, or sections that you are currently tagged to.

Note: In the example above, if you select Part Time, Full Time and PRD Section, this announcement will be sent to all Part Time or Full Time staff in the PRD Section.

Apart from text, you can also send images, and links (including URLs of onboarding articles, internal memos) through announcements.

To get a quick response for more urgent announcements, you can make certain announcements compulsory so that staff must acknowledge them before clocking in. To do so, select the compulsory field before creating the announcement

If you send a compulsory announcement, here's what your staff will see:

See the below video for a full walkthrough of creating new announcements:

Note: After sending out the announcement, all staff in the selected group will receive a notification to view and acknowledge it. Staff that are newly added to this group (by section or contract type) will not receive this announcement after it has been sent out

Checking Acknowledgments

You can check how many of your staff have acknowledged your announcements on the announcement page

To see a breakdown of which of your staff have already acknowledged the announcements, click on the acknowledged count

You can also export the list of users who have acknowledged your announcement for reporting purposes

A sample of the export is shown below -

Note: Announcements and exports can only now be accessed from the mobile app, not the web app.

Deleting Announcements

Only the original creators of an announcement can delete them.

To delete an announcement, click on the 3 dots option menu for the announcement, and click “Delete Post”. Deleting an announcement removes it from everyone who received it too.

Next Steps

If there are any additional announcement formats that you would like to send out that we currently don’t support, please reach out to us and let us know!

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