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Viewing and acknowledging Announcements
Viewing and acknowledging Announcements

See official announcements from your management team, and acknowledge that you read it

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Platform: Mobile

Access Level: Owner/Manager/Supervisor/Employee

New Announcements

You will receive a notification for every new announcement you receive

The more tab and announcement menu item will also have an unread indicator for unacknowledged announcements.

Viewing Announcements

To view announcements, on the StaffAny app, go to More Tab > Announcements

On the Announcements screen, you can see all announcements that you have received.

Acknowledging Announcements

Click on “I Acknowledge” to acknowledge announcements

After you have acknowledged the announcement, the button should appear to fade out.


  1. What happens to the announcements when the person who is creating them is deactivated?

    Answer: Everyone can still see the announcements as they are not deleted. These announcements cannot be edited by other owners.

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