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Indicating Availabilities
Indicate Your Shift Availability
Indicate Your Shift Availability

Learn how to indicate your shift availability

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Platform: Mobile

Access Level: Employee

Contract Type: Part Timer

No more trouble sharing availability and confirming shifts back and forth between you and your manager via messaging software (e.g. WhatsApp) or phone calls! You can now indicate your availability on the StaffAny mobile app.

  1. In Mobile app, go to Schedule > Select Available Shifts > Select the week you wanted to view.

  2. Tap on o icon to select your preferred shift > Tap on Send.

    Note: You can only indicate your available shifts after your manager has sent out a request for you to state your preferred shifts. Please check with your manager on which day the shifts will be sent out.

  3. Once your manager publishes the schedule, you will see your assigned shift under Confirmed.

    Note: Please be certain when indicating your availabilities and avoid last minute changes especially after shifts have been published. This might cause you not getting the shifts you want.

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