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Actual & Target Sales Data Input
Actual & Target Sales Data Input

Capture sales data from managers on the ground or bulk update it before running reports

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Platform: Mobile/Web

Access Level: Owner/Manager

Capture actual, and target sales data in StaffAny to run reports & optimise schedules based on sales.

Through Mass Update

Input sales data for 30-minute intervals throughout a week/month through Mass Upload CSV. You can input these values by selecting the “Mass Update Sales” found in Reports > Sales vs Labour Hours page. Select “Download with 30 min intervals”.

Note: We currently support mass uploader for 30 min intervals only. Please use it for most benefits towards optimizing schedules through sales based scheduling. But, if you wish to input day level values only, you can still do so from the reports page.

Once the file is downloaded, input your actual & target sales data into the respective 30-minute intervals. Now, upload back the CSV file.

Below is a screenshot of the CSV.

After uploading the Mass Update Sales CSV File, and you will see the actual and target sales data in the reports page.

These input values will be seen on the “Schedule” and the “Reports” page so that managers can cross-check and schedule accordingly. You can read more about it in this article.

Web App direct input

Add day level value by using direct input from the reports page.

  • You can directly input your sales values straight from the Reports Page. Only Actual Sales, Target Sales and Target SPLH columns are editable.

Note: It is advised to input 30 min intervals for best optimisation of schedules based on sales. 
Day level values that are input will parked under the 12:00 PM mark in the day.
- Eg: if you add 1000 as the day value, then it will be stored as 1000 at the 12:00 PM mark. Inorder to correctly spread it throughout the day, you need to follow Step a. by inputting 30-min intervals.

But if you already have existing 30-minute interval data, and you are modifying the day level value, then we divide and spread the new day level value across the existing 30 min intervals evenly.

On-the-ground app input

At the end of every day, managers or owners who are closing an outlet can input and edit actual sales for their outlet, via their App > Store Tab > Input Sales

Note: Only Manager and Owner access levels can input and edit sales data
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