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Lock your timesheet and schedule so your historical data is sealed and uneditable

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With Timesheet & Schedule Lock, you will be able to protect the worked hours from any edits up to the selected date. This will make your payroll processing cleaner and faster!

How it works

The timesheet lock any edits - eg. clocking in and out, writing notes, deleting records and shift tags. It also blocks edits made on Schedule.

Locking Timesheets

From Timesheet > select the “lock” button.

A pop-up will appear, as shown below. You can then select the date to lock your timesheets till.

If successful, a notification will appear on the webpage as shown below, indicating “Timecards until 05 Oct 2020 are locked.”

When the lock date is changed, emails and mobile app notifications will be sent to all owners to inform that of this change.

Unlocking Timesheets

To unlock the Timesheet, you can do so by keying in a lock date earlier than the previous lock date.

A notification will pop up as shown below, warning you that this change may lead to inconsistent timesheet data for staff, managers and owners while the change is processed and seeking your approval to proceed.

If you clicked the “Yes, I understand and confirm” button, a notification will appear on the bottom left corner to indicate the time needed to complete the updating of your time records.

On Mobile

Timesheet/Schedule that are locked are indicated with grey as their background color on the 7 Day View.

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