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Health Report: Improving Total Clock %
Health Report: Improving Total Clock %

Monitor your clock in/out records

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The Health Report

The Health Report provides an organisational oversight to monitor the week's clocked records at a glance. The report is sent to all Owners with valid email addresses.

This is an example of a strong Health Report.

Understanding the Health Report

1. You can track and view your entire organisation Total Clocked %, and the Total Valid Clocked Records within the report. Depending on the health status, you will see different reports, as shown below, every week. This allows you to stay on track with your health performance of using StaffAny.

Stellar Health Report

Stable Health Report

Unstable Health Report

Total Clocked % >90%

20% < Total Clocked % < 90%

10% < Total Clocked %

2. The Health Report also includes instant visibility of all the relevant numbers to drive a healthier Total Clocked %.

This includes numbers regarding:

  • Absentees

  • Staff missing clock out

  • “Pending” status of unscheduled clock request

  • Records created by overrides only data.

You can quickly identify areas of your clocked in records that require your attention and dive into the details to review your organisation’s clocked performance.

3. The Health Report also contains information on the top/worst-performing sections.

You can view the sections with the worst clocked percentage and the best-clocked percentage to check on the outlets to improve the usage success for that outlet.

Sections with worst-clocked %

Sections with best-clocked %

StaffAny introduced the Usage Success Report for owners, HR and managers to track their staff’s CICO usage. Identifying and increasing StaffAny’s adoption among your team has never been easier!

Wondering how to improve your StaffAny usage performance? Go to our intercom channel and contact us to get started now!

What is Total Clocked %?

Total Clocked % is a metric that enables you to gauge if your team is using StaffAny well. A high Total Clocked % signifies that you are collecting time and attendance records properly to do value prop well!

Calculating Total Clocked %

The Total Clocked % is determined by dividing all the valid Clock records with good usage by Total recognized slots, then multiplying that quotient by 100%.

What are Clock Records?

Clock records consist of both good and bad clock records.

Good Clock Records

A good clock record consist of the following data:

  • Overriding only Clock in OR Clock out records

  • No overriding Clock in AND Clock out records at all

  • “Approved” or “Rejected” Unscheduled Clock in and Clock out (CICO) records

Bad Clock Records

A bad clock record consist of the following data:

  • Overriding BOTH Clock in and Clock out records

  • Staff clocked in but did not clock out

  • Managers published the schedule, but it was not clocked in

  • “Pending” Unscheduled Clock in and Clock out (CICO) records

What are Recognized Slots?

Recognized slots are the sum of the total number of shift slots managers have assigned, and the total number of unscheduled CICO clocked by staff.

What does it mean by getting an unhealthy Total Clocked %?

On the other hand, an unhealthy clock record shows that you have a large discrepancy between what was expected to be clocked and what didn’t happen.

An unhealthy Total Clocked % could be caused by the following reasons:

  1. Managers frequently override both clocked in and clocked out records

  2. Staff clocked in but did not clock out on StaffAny

  3. Shifts that managers published are not clocked in

  4. “Pending” Unscheduled CICO instead of ‘Approved’ or ‘Rejected’ status

Don’t worry if you have an unhealthy Total Clocked %! You can improve it with the help of the Health Report. It provides insights into your staff’s clocked records to know which areas to target and which areas are performing well.

How to get improve the Total Clocked %?

A healthy record shows a high match of actual clocked records with the planned shifts your manager assigned. You can get a healthy Total Clocked % through the following ways:

  1. Have your staff clock in and out diligently. This will reduce the number of times HR or managers have to manually override the records due to staff’s behaviour.

  2. The unscheduled CICO records are all either 'Approved' or 'Rejected' and not left as ‘Pending.’

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