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Default leave hours
Default leave hours

Set leave hour defaults for each staff for automation and accuracy

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Platform: Web

Set your staff's default leave hours in the app instead of doing it manually by cross-checking their contract!

The default leave hours will be automatically added to staff's leaves in schedule and timesheets. These hours will be counted towards the staff's paid hours and OT limit (if OT limit is set up).

All leave types that are set up with the setting ‘Default to staff’s leave hours when assigning’ enabled only will default the leave hours automatically. To see how to edit a leave type for that, take a look here.

Once that is done, learn how to set up specific default leave hours for your staff below:

Method 1: Edit from staff profile:

  1. Click My Team

  2. Staff’s Name

  3. Scroll down and click on the Off and Leave section.

  4. Set the hours value under "Default leave hours to" as highlighted in the image below. (eg: 8 hours/day, 9 hours/day)

Method 2: Mass Update
Instead of editing individually, you can download our CSV file template to input the default leave hours for all your staff and upload it in one go.

  1. Go to Settings and click on Off and Leave tab.

  2. Click on the Mass Update button.

  3. Download the CSV.

  4. Update required staff's Default leave hours values from the CSV.

  5. Upload the CSV once ready!

How will setting this help you?

In schedule:

When a manager assigns staff leave or when an approver approves a leave application, the system will help you default the leave hours with the value specified at the user profile (as explained above).

The following screenshot shows some examples:

  1. AL is defaulted to 8 hours because staff's default leave hours is set as 8h AND AL is a leave type with ‘Default to staff’s leave hours when assigning’ enabled

  2. OFF is not defaulted to 8h because for OFF leave type, ‘Default to staff’s leave hours when assigning’ is disabled.

In Timesheets:

The same effect will be reflected in timesheets also, saving you a lot of manual work cross-checking with staff's contract hours!

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