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Learn how to view and plan your manpower coverage quickly

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To better visualise your daily manpower coverage for the correct number of staff allocations, you can enable the day view schedule. With Day View, you can keep up service standards with sufficient role coverage during peak hours and cut down on overspending during non-peak hours.

Navigating to Day View

There are two ways to switch from Week view to Day view.

First method:

In the web app > “Schedule” > Click on any day of the week to go to Day View.

Second method:

Alternatively, you can select the 'Day' button from the drop-down to easily navigate to today's schedule.

When you are in the Day View, you can also navigate other dates using the date picker.

Actual View

You will see the hour-by-hour manpower coverage on your daily schedule

Along the bottom of the schedule, you will see a summary of the number of employees who are booked each hour and an estimate of their hourly cost. To view the breakdown by Role, hover over the Employee count.

Note: The hourly breakdown does not include break and leave hours for the day. These hours will be added to the total hours for the entire week instead.

The bottom bar can be used to optimize your schedules based on sales data and thereby reducing cost. You can read more about it here. Here is a screenshot to show you how it will help you:

Assigning staff on Day View

To assign the shift to the staff,

In the “Schedule” Tab > hover over an empty cell and click on the “+” button.

There are 2 ways you could allocate a shift for staff

  1. Choose the shift you wish to allocate to the staff

  2. Or Create a new shift by typing the entering the shift timings > click “Create New Shift”

Alternatively, you could hover over the empty cell until the '+' tooltip appears and choose the shift you wish to allocate to the staff.

Editing shift details on Day View

To edit shift details on Day view:

  1. Hover over the shift you wish to edit > Click on the “Edit Icon”

Assign another shift to staff on Day View

Hover around the shift and click on the '+' button to assign another shift to the staff on the same day.

You can assign leaves instead of another shift to the staff too using this method.

SPLH Bar on Day View

Click anywhere on the SPLH bar to expand and see more details of the estimated SPLH, target SPLH, and target sales highlighted in the picture below.

Break timings will also affect the SPLH on day view

You will not be able to delete, export, copy, request or publish any schedule in day view. To enable these actions, switch back to Week View.

To learn more about SPLH, click here

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