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Grab Shift on Mobile App

Find out how to grab shift on StaffAny's mobile app

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Platform: Mobile

Access Level: Employee

Contract Type: Part Timer

Are you a part-timer that wants more flexibility in your working hours? If yes, we have something just for you!

You can easily grab the exact time slots you want to work in without the hassle of constantly reporting your availability to your managers for scheduling purposes.

When you turn on your notifications during the publishing of the available Grab Shifts slots, you would be alerted by messages to inform you to take up the unfilled shifts.

To get the slot you want to be assigned to, click on Schedule > Grab > Select the available shift you want > Grab.

Other staff will not be able to see the grab shifts when the slots have been taken up entirely.

If you cannot make it for the shift, inform your manager to remove you from the shift. This shift will be made available for someone else to grab it without the need of a grab request.

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