Setting up Roles

Learn how to create, assign, delete/rename Roles!

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Platform: Web

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A ‘role’ is the specific position/title that a staff has, e.g. Cashier, Chef, and Waiter. You can allocate staff to a particular role when you are creating the schedule. This provides greater convenience and helps in visualising your manpower allocation.

By default, the system will allocate all staff to the ‘Staff’ role.

Create new role

To create a new role:

  1. Go to My Team

  2. Click on a staff’s profile

  3. Click on ‘Work information’

  4. Under roles row, type the new role and press Enter or click ‘Create XXX’ from the drop-down list.

  5. Role is created and assigned to the staff

Rename/Merge/Delete Roles

There are three options to manage roles:

  • Renaming

  • Merging

    • Let us know which role to keep and which to be deleted; all associated timesheet records with old role will be merged into the new role

  • Deleting

    • Warning: shifts and timesheet clocked records with these roles will be DELETED!

If you want to proceed with any of the above, please contact us via the in-app help chat Intercom.

Tag/Assign roles to your staff

You can also tag existing roles to your staff. To do that, click ‘Roles’> select the existing role you want to add to your staff > Save your changes.

Untag roles

You can untag the roles that have been allocated to your staff. Click on roles > select the ‘X’ button next to your staff> Click save when done.

Using roles with shift templates

You can specify the roles needed for shifts.

  1. Go to Schedule tab.

  2. Create a new shift

  3. Enter the shift timing required and select the ‘Create new shift’ button.

  4. Select the role you want to assign to the shift

  5. Click on ‘Create’ when done.

Note: Staff without an assigned role will not appear on the schedule page. This is useful if you have managers who schedules, but do not work any shifts -  this declutters/simplifies the schedule page.
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