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Integrate HReasily with StaffAny
Integrate HReasily with StaffAny

Sync employee profiles, and push over work hours tracked on StaffAny to HReasily for payroll

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HReasily is a HR and Payroll software. You can connect StaffAny to HRE to decrease the manual work and increase the accuracy of running payroll, based on work hours tracked and consolidated in StaffAny. However, the integration likely only serves part-timers for now.

This integration is only available for the Singapore version of HR easily accounts.

Setting up the integration

Before setting up integration between HReasily and StaffAny, you will need to allow access to the following permissions:

  1. Manage company basic settings and employee

  2. Manage time attendance

To change access permissions, in HReasily, click on My Profile on the left sidebar > Basic Info > click on the Edit button > Scroll down to Access Permissions and tick the two permissions as mentioned above > Save.

To connect HReasily to StaffAny, in HReasily, go to the left sidebar > Partner Integrations.

Scroll down to find StaffAny > Integrate.

On StaffAny Webapp, go to Settings > Integrations > copy the StaffAny API Token and Organisation ID.

Go back to HReasily webpage. Paste the API Token in the Access Token tab and the StaffAny Organisation ID in the Organisation ID tab, then press connect to update the token successfully.

See this video for a quick walk-through of this process:

The order of the platform for the sync does not matter.

Importing employees from HReasily to StaffAny

Before creating the StaffAny timesheet, you will need to ensure that the “employee ID” stored in the Employee Basic information in HReasily has to match the employee ID as StaffAny. Do note that this integration works for both part-timers and full-timers as long as they have a fixed hourly rate.

Add employees to HReasily

Refer to this article to learn how to add your employee data into HReasily.

Sync Employees from HReasily to StaffAny

To sync employee data from HReasily to StaffAny, you will need to add the employee to StaffAny with his employee ID, identical to the one you have added under HReasily.

To check StaffAny’s employee ID, go to StaffAny’s app > My Team > Click on the specific employee’s name.

To check HReasily employee ID, go to the staff directory on the sidebar > Click on the specific employee’s name.

Once the employee has been created on HReasily with matching employee ID as StaffAny, we can start creating StaffAny Timesheets.

Sync Multiple Employees from HReasily to StaffAny

You could also generate multiple employee details at once on HReasily and sync them on StaffAny quickly.

Click on Staff Directory on the left sidebar > Employee Detail report. HReasily will export an excel report of the details of employees.

Refer to this article to know more about mass adding staff onto StaffAny.

Mapping StaffAny Time Items to HReasily

You can use the map StaffAny time items function to save manual work by keeping both systems up to date while ensuring that staff are not missed out from payroll.

When you have successfully connected both accounts, you will need to map your StaffAny time items (Overtime, Weekends and Events) to HReasily pay items.

On the StaffAny Integration page, click on Map StaffAny Time Items with HReasily Pay Items button.

Click on Disconnect From StaffAny to cancel the integration.

On the pop-up screen, map your StaffAny time items to HReasily pay Items.

Select the applicable pay items.

Once completed, click save to map StaffAny time items to HReasily pay items.

To alter the drop-down list of pay items, click on the Manage Company button on the left-hand side of the page > Payroll > Scroll down to the Pay Items list section.

‘If the mapping of StaffAny time items to HReasily is done after the timesheet has been generated, you will need to generate a new timesheet to reflect the updated mappings of pay items.’

Creating your own HReasily pay items

It is common to have other additions or deductions to your staff’s basic salary such as bonuses, advances, claims, allowance and more. These can be managed by creating your very own custom pay items.

Refer to this article to learn more about creating your HReasily pay items.

‘When mapping over StaffAny time items to HReasily, the drop-down list of pay items will only include those with the amount type “Variable”.’

Send your data to HReasily and run payroll

To successfully send sync your data from StaffAny to HReasily to run payroll, you will need to:

1. Set your staff working settings to Hourly, Fixed setting

You will need to click Staff Directory and the staff’s name > Time attendance > Scroll down and click ‘Edit’ under the Working Hours Settings tab.

Make sure to choose “Hourly basis” under the Basic Salary Type. You will also need to change the Working Hours Type to “Fixed” and set the working hours in a day for your staff.

2. You will need to set the hourly rate for your staff. To do that, you will need to click on the Payroll tab.

Scroll down to Current Employment > Edit.

Set the salary amount for your staff and click the Update button once you are done.

3. Enabling the “Will this employee be drawing salary, fee or allowance?” function to generate payroll.

Click on Staff Directory > Click on staff’s name > Employee basic information > Edit > Tick the “Will this employee be drawing salary, fee or allowance?” box to enable the function.

Generate payroll by syncing StaffAny time attendance

Creating StaffAny Timesheet

Before creating StaffAny timesheets on HReasily, double-check the StaffAny timesheets for a period first to ensure that the data is correct before using it for payroll.

To create timesheets from StaffAny, click on Manage Company Tab > Time > Scroll down to the Time Attendance Timesheets.

Click on the Create StaffAny Timesheet button > include the start and end date of the timesheet period > Create Timesheets.

See this video for a quick walk-through of this process:

Users can differentiate the StaffAny and HReasily Timesheets easily by viewing the “type” column.

If there is no StaffAny integration connected, the user will not be able to see the “type” column.

Managing StaffAny Timesheets

Once the StaffAny timesheet has been generated, you will need to manage the timesheets to generate payrolls.

To do that, click on Manage Company Tab > Time > Scroll down to Time Attendance Timesheets > Actions > Manage.

Make sure you choose the timesheet with ‘StaffAny’ label under the type column.

You will see the columns reflecting the following hour types: Basic, Weekends, Events and Overtime. The hours reflected in the system are a summary of hours that HReasily pulled from StaffAny.

Click on the Actions > Update button to view and edit the pay items’ mapping to the hour type.

Select the pay item from the drop-down list relevant to the type of hours the staff incurred to push to payroll (Example: Overtime, Events.). The pay item here follows the default mapping setting.

Push to payroll

Once the changes are made, the user can tick the “Push to payroll” box > Save the changes.

Once saved and completed, return to the timesheet page. Click on the Actions button > Submit for Approval Tab. This is to submit the employee’s timesheet for approval to generate payroll.

See this video for a quick walk-through of the managing of StaffAny timesheets and pushing them to the payroll process:

Once all timesheets have been approved, you can sync the data from StaffAny to HReasily to generate payroll.

Approving your employee timesheets

To approve your employee timesheet, go to the timesheet page and click on Manage > Approve. Ensure that the status of your employee is “Approved”.

Then click on Complete Timesheet Group > Yes to finalise the timesheet.

Generate your staff’s payroll

Go to Manage Company > Payroll > Scroll down to Ad Hoc Payroll > Click on the “Create Ad Hoc Payroll” button > Select the dates of the payroll that you wish to generate > Create.

Make sure that the payroll dates you selected overlaps with your employee timesheet dates.

After that, click on the Manage button next to the payroll you wish to generate.

Scroll down to the Payroll table, click > Sync Time Attendance > StaffAny Time Attendance to pull the pay items used during the selected date range. Once clicked, the StaffAny pay item items will then appear in the payroll.

See this video for a quick walk-through of this process:

After confirming the payroll is correct, click on the “Approve” button.

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