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Lark is an application that allows effective communication and collaboration, which is essential to help teams reduce workload from busy days. Lark enables teams to collaborate effectively no matter the task or environment.

Some of the key benefits of using StaffAny on Lark include:

  • StaffAny notifications from the StaffAny bot will help them keep in touch with StaffAny alerts and operations on the ground

  • HR who live on Lark doesn’t have to manage notifications from multiple systems

The Lark integration with StaffAny only works on the Lark desktop app.

This guide will cover the following:

  1. List of commands on StaffAny chat on Lark

  2. Setting up the integration

  3. Turning on/off StaffAny notifications on Lark

  4. Connecting your StaffAny account on Lark

List of commands on StaffAny chat on Lark

There is a list of commands for you to use on the StaffAny chat on Lark. To see the list of commands, type "help" in the chat.

Setting up the integration

On the Lark desktop app, under apps, key in "StaffAny" in the search bar > Click on “StaffAny Dev” bot.

In the StaffAny Lark Bot chat, type “help”.

A system-generated message will appear, asking for your StaffAny Org ID and API Token.

Go to StaffAny webpage, “Settings” tab > “Integrations”. Copy the StaffAny’s Organisation ID and API Token.

Paste the StaffAny Organisation ID and API Token onto the StaffAny bot conversation on Lark using this format:

setup [StaffAny Organisation ID] [API Token]

Didn’t receive any “Setup Success” message? Contact our friendly StaffAny team now on Intercom!

Turning on/off StaffAny notifications on Lark

Turning on StaffAny notifications on Lark

To turn on StaffAny notifications on Lark, type “notifications on” in the chat.

Turning off StaffAny notifications on Lark

To turn off StaffAny notifications on Lark, send a “notifications off” message to the StaffAny chat on Lark.

By enabling the notification settings on Lark, you will be able to receive these notifications on the Lark desktop app:

  • Clock in/out notifications

  • Shift reminders.

You can take a look at this article to understand more about our notification settings.

Connecting your StaffAny account to Lark

To connect your StaffAny account to Lark, send a "connect [phone number]" to the StaffAny chat on Lark. The phone number should be the one that is registered under the StaffAny account that you are connecting to Lark with.

StaffAny will send a SMS to the phone number containing the pin code needed to verify the account. Refer to the SMS for the pin code and send an "otp [pincode]" on the StaffAny chat on Lark.

A success message will be displayed when your account has been connected to Lark successfully.

If there are any problems while setting up the StaffAny bot, do contact us via Intercom!

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