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Staff tags help you schedule staff who are the best fit for the shift. At times, a staff with the necessary skills and training such as Vaccination Status or having a food certification is required for a shift. With Staff Tags, you can make better manpower allocations based on your requirements.

Here are some examples of how Staff Tags can be used:

  • Statuses like Vaccination Status

  • Certifications

  • Probation Period

  • Seniority

Roles Vs Staff Tags


Staff Tags


Roles are used to specify a position/title that a staff has.

Staff Tags are used to show that a staff has the necessary skills, training, and certifications.


Chef, Waiter, Floor Manager

Vaccination Status, Food Safety, and Hygiene L1

An example of how both Roles and Staff Tags differ:



Staff Tags



Vaccinated, Food Safety and Hygiene L1





Floor Manager

Vaccinated, Service Leadership L1

Create New Staff Tags

To create Staff Tags, go to a staff’s profile in My Team.

1) Select the Staff Tags box to start adding or editing the Staff Tags. A pop-up window will appear.

2) Create a new staff tag. If you wish to create a new tag, simply type the title. Select Create XXX” in the dropdown list. Note: Staff Tags created will be available across the whole organization, similar to Roles.

3) Assigning staff tag. Selecting the Title field will display a list of existing tags created by your organization. You may choose from this list.

4) Add more tags. If you wish to add more Staff Tags to the staff, select the “Add More” button. A new row will appear below the previous Staff Tag.

Note: The title is a required field. Remarks are optional. Here are some things you need to take note of when filling in the title and remarks:

Title Requirements


  • Max 30 characters

  • Only alphanumerical values

  • No commas, quotation marks, +, -, @, =

  • Cannot exceed 100 characters

5) Save. After you finish adding the Staff Tags, click on “Save”

Mass Edit Staff Tags

Want a faster way to assign Staff Tags after it has been created?

  • Go to My Team > Mass Add/Edit > CSV - Edit Staff Details” in My Team to download the CSV.

  • Within the CSV, there are Title and Remarks columns for each Staff Tag.

  • You can assign/unassign Staff Tag to staff by selecting “TRUE” or “FALSE” under its title column.

  • Add remarks by typing them under its remarks column. E.g. Setting Vaccinate to “True” and Vaccinate Remark to “1st dose done”

  • Remember to upload the CSV after you're done. Staff tags assigned to or unassigned from the staff will be reflected on their respective profile page.

  • If there are issues in the input, there will be a popup to indicate the errors.

Title Requirements


  • Max 30 characters

  • Only alphanumerical values

  • No commas, quotation marks, +, -, @, =

  • Cannot exceed 100 characters

  • Lower and Upper case are allowed

Removing/Unassign Staff Tags

To remove Staff Tags from the staff, select the trash icon beside the row that you want to remove.

Note: Removing a Staff Tag here unassigns it from this staff. However, the Staff Tag will not be permanently deleted from the organization. If you wish to do so, please talk to us via Intercom for assistance.


Filter By Staff Tags in Schedule

Filter staff based on Staff Tags on the Schedule page by selecting the filter icon.

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