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Integrate ReachPOS with StaffAny
Integrate ReachPOS with StaffAny

Push your sales data from POS to StaffAny.

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Platform: Web

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ReachPOS provides an all-in-one cloud-based POS system. You can connect StaffAny to ReachPOS, allowing you to push sales values directly from POS to StaffAny and save cost by getting reports on sales against labor. These sales values will help with the Sales per Labour Hour (SPLH) calculation too!

This guide will cover the following:

  1. Setting up the integration

  2. Sending the sales data manually to StaffAny

Getting Started

Please ensure that you have a valid ReachPOS account by visiting and creating an account. Please skip this step if you already have an active account.

Setting up the Integration

1) On ReachPOS, Go to General Setup > Add ons.

2) Select “StaffAny”.

3) Fill in the token and your organization ID.

4) Inputting the token and organization ID will fetch all the sections under the organization. Please set up the correct mapping between sections in StaffAny to outlets in ReachPOS. Click “Submit” to finish the setup process.

The sales data is sent to StaffAny automatically at the end of every day where it will be reflected in Reports. The sales data from ReachPOS will be aggregated in StaffAny into 30-minute buckets. Learn more about this here.

Sending the data manually

If the data is not automatically sent to StaffAny, you can manually send it out by:

1) Go to “Z Reports”.

2) Select “Upload to StaffAny”.

Note: Doing this will overwrite any existing sales data that was previously sent.

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