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Help! Microsoft Excel is eating up my CSV file leading 0's
Help! Microsoft Excel is eating up my CSV file leading 0's

Making sure your Employee ID 0's in front are not missing when you upload csv into StaffAny

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Do you have an issue when you upload a csv file into StaffAny, Microsoft Excel removes the front 0s of Employee IDs?

We have a quick 1-minute solution, please see below for the guide!


  • Staff has an Employee ID '007'.

  • After you edit and upload a My Team mass edit csv, his employee ID becomes just '7'.

After download and edit My Team CSV, it changes to '7'


There is a quick solution that involves editing the csv data on Google Sheets.

Step 1: Create a new Google Sheets

Step 2: Upload the csv file by clicking on File > Import > Upload > choose the newly downloaded StaffAny csv file

Step 3: Uncheck 'Convert text to numbers, dates and formulas. *this is important*

Step 4: Edit the google sheets accordingly.

Step 5: Download the file by going to File > Download > CSV

Full Video Walkthrough

Here's a video walkthrough of the whole process!

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