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Do you have an issue when you upload a csv file into StaffAny, Microsoft Excel removes the front 0s of Employee IDs?

We have a quick 1-minute solution, please see below for the guide!


  • Staff has an Employee ID '007'.

  • After you edit and upload a My Team mass edit csv, his employee ID becomes just '7'.

After download and edit My Team CSV, it changes to '7'


There is a quick solution that involves editing the csv data on Google Sheets.

Step 1: Create a new Google Sheets

Step 2: Upload the csv file by clicking on File > Import > Upload > choose the newly downloaded StaffAny csv file

Step 3: Uncheck 'Convert text to numbers, dates and formulas. *this is important*

Step 4: Edit the google sheets accordingly.

Step 5: Download the file by going to File > Download > CSV

Full Video Walkthrough

Here's a video walkthrough of the whole process!

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