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Create/Assign New Shifts (Mobile Scheduling)
Create/Assign New Shifts (Mobile Scheduling)

Learn how create and assign shifts to your staff on mobile.

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Platform: Mobile

Access Level: Owner & Manager

When you are creating a new shift for a staff, you are prompted to fill in the “Create a Shift” form. This help article will help you better understand the different inputs found on the form. To learn more about the new Mobile Scheduling experience in general, refer to this article instead.

This guide will cover the following:

  1. Create and assign a new shift

    1. Timing

    2. Unpaid Break

    3. Roles

    4. Shift Name

    5. Color

Create and Assign a new shift

Create or assign a new shift by filling up the form. Below is a screenshot of the “Creating a Shift” form.

1) Timing

Select the start and end time of the shift. The total hours are shown in the top right corner.

If the day selected is a special date or a weekend, there will be this indicator beside the date.

If the end time selected results in an overnight shift, a “+1” indicator is shown to indicate an overnight shift.

2) Unpaid Break

Set unpaid breaks easily. These breaks are excluded from the Scheduled working hours.

You can set the timings of the breaks by selecting “Set Start & End”.

3) Roles

Assign the staff a role for the shift by selecting it in the dropdown menu. You can learn how to set up roles here.

4) Shift Name

Provide a name for the shift to easily identify shifts.

5) Color

Select a color to differentiate each shift.

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