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Set up to get ready for Payroll Processing on Whyze

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The guide will cover the following

1) Set Up Import Template on Whyze

2) Processing Payroll on Whyze

Set Up Import Template on Whyze

To set up a new import template on Whyze,

  1. Approach Whyze’s helpdesk who will assist with the mapping from the new template to the correct pay item in Whyze

  2. Provide the template in excel format

Processing Payroll

Once the new template has been set up, you are ready to start processing payroll

  1. Go to Singapore Payroll > Payroll Quick Start > click the Go button of Step 1. Alternatively, you can go to Data Entry > Add Pay Item Entry.

  2. Select applicable options for Organization, Pay Run Type, Year, Month, and Frequency Run. The selected options should match with details of the Pay Run you will generate later.

  3. Select ‘Attach xlsx File’ for Type.

  4. Click Browse to select and upload the file to import

  5. Click Save and Close to confirm the import.

  6. After a successful import, you may proceed to generate a pay run (in Singapore Payroll module) to start payroll processing based on this payment list.

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