Integrate Whyze with Staffany

Set up the export format of Timesheet on StaffAny and get it ready for Payroll Processing on Whyze

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The guide will cover the following

1) Setting up export format (on SA)

2) Exporting Timesheet CSV for Payroll Processing (on SA)

3) Processing Payroll (on Whyze)

Setting up export format (on SA)

1) Go to Settings > Export Format.

2) Drag and drop “Employee ID” to the top of the selected list.

The CSV report is now formatted to be compatible with Whyze.

Exporting Timesheet CSV for Payroll Processing

Best practices for HR to perform on StaffAny before pulling Payroll data for processing:

1) Set a cut-off date/time for managers to make any necessary overrides/edits to Timesheets on StaffAny for the pay period you are processing (ie. before you process payroll).

2) After the cut-off date/time for editing is over, we recommend you lock the timesheet so that no further changes can be made, allowing you to process the payroll. (Link to how to lock here for reference).

3) Ensure that you have selected the date range that reflects the period you are processing the payroll for.

4) On StaffAny, go to Timesheet > Export Filtered > Summary to generate the Summary Timesheet report.

Processing Payroll

1) With the Timesheet CSV downloaded from StaffAny, select Row 1 and 2 from the report and delete.

2) Save this file as an excel (.xlsx) file.

3) Go to WhyzeHR > Singapore Payroll > Payroll Quick Start > Step 1.

4) Choose your required Organisation, Pay Run Type, Year, Month and Frequency Run. At Type, select Attached xlsx File.

5) Click Browse, select the file from StaffAny and click Open.

6) Click Save & Continue.

7) Continue with Payroll Quick Start Step 2.

Note: The information to extract from StaffAny to WhyzeHR can be configured. This can be done at WhyzeHR Data Entry > Setup > Import File Setup.

At the User Input Column Name, put in the column name found on StaffAny’s report. At the Map to Pay Item ID, put in the WhyzeHR Pay Item that you want to use.

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