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Tier: NA

Product: EngageAny

Platform: Mobile

Access Level: Manager, Supervisor, Employee

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This article will explain to you how your employees redeem rewards. To learn more about how owners and managers process redemption requests, click here!

This guide will cover the following:

Redeeming Rewards

Employees can redeem their rewards via the app by the following steps:

  1. Go to Engage > Rewards > select “View Catalogue”

  2. Select a reward

  3. Click “Redeem”

  4. Click “Confirm”

  5. Once confirmed, your redemption request will be sent to the Owners (Admin, HRs) where they will process the redemption.

Note: The coins will only be deducted from the employee’s coin balance once the reward has been processed by the Owners (Admin, HRs).

Monitoring Reward Redemption Status

  1. Go to Engage > View My Rewards

There are two tabs that indicate the progress of redeeming rewards.




Reward redemption is ongoing


Reward redemption is completed

Moreover, on the request tab, there are two reward categories.




Rewards that are created and provided by the organisation

Partner vouchers (Coming Soon)

Rewards that provided by StaffAny’s partners

These requests have different statuses that indicates the different stages that the redemption has been processed.




The approver hasn’t done any actions regarding to the request


The approver has approved the request, but it’s not yet fulfilled


The approves has declined the request


The approver has fulfilled the request


The approver cannot fulfil the request, thus coins are refunded to the requestor.


The requestor has withdrawn the request.

Ongoing Requests

  1. Go to Requests.

  2. There is a list of ongoing rewards and their statuses.

  3. Select a reward.

  4. You will see the reward’s redemption details

Completed Requests

  1. Go to Completed.

  2. There will be a list of rewards that have been fully processed.

  3. Click a reward.

  4. You will see the reward’s redemption details

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