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Submitting Work More Requests
Submitting Work More Requests

Learn how to submit Work More request to your Manager for approval of Work More hours

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Platform: Mobile

Access Level: Employee / Supervisor / Manager / Owner

Effective September 8, 2023, the Work More Request feature does not require clocking out in advance. You now have the flexibility to either clock out once for your actual departure or submit a Work More Request when it has passed the scheduled time.

The Work More Approval feature is designed to assist Managers and Owners in approving 'Work More' hours that staff members submit before the hours are officially recorded as part of their working hours.

Once approved, 'Work More' hours will be added to a staff member's total work hours. Otherwise, if rejected, the scheduled end time will be recorded as the clock-out time. The daily and weekly overtime rules will remain unchanged and continue to be applied.

How to submit Work More Request

  1. Daily tab > Click on “Clock Out 👋” button

    Note: You only have up to 6 hours after the end time of your original scheduled shift to submit a work more request.

  2. Enter your reason for working more, press Submit, and clock out of your shift.

  3. Your Manager will Accept/Reject your Work More Request and your worked hours will be recorded

    1. Pending Work More Request

    2. Manager Accepts your Work More Request

    3. Manager Rejects your Work More Request

      Note: When Manager rejects your Work More Request, the scheduled time out will be used as your clock out time.

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