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How do I download the timeclock QR code from StaffAny?

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Using QR code as an additional verification when staff clock in and out of shifts, is only applicable for Geofenced Timeclock.

If you are already using Geofenced Timeclock, skip to step 5.

Follow the instructions below to download QR codes for each section to clock in and out:

  1. In Web app, go to Settings > Click on Sections > Click on the section you want to set up Attendance Method.

  2. Click on Attendance & Timeclock > Scroll down until you see Timeclock Method > Select Geofenced Timeclock.

  3. Select "With QR Code" to enable the use of QR code

  4. Scroll down and Save your setting

  5. To download the QR code, go to With QR code and click on View QR Code

  6. Download the QR code by saving the image to your device

  7. Print the QR code and put it up in your store!

    If you want to download the QR code for multiple sections, repeat the steps above.

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