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Troubleshooting: Not in a Team
Troubleshooting: Not in a Team

Troubleshooting for active staff facing 'Oh no! Seems like you are not in a team.'

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Sometimes i) despite having an existing phone number within the system, or ii) you were using StaffAny fine until one day you cannot log in to the app.

You need to refresh your account's stale data either by your own app, or through your manager!

On Staff's Mobile App

Please press 'Refresh session and log out' to refresh your account.

Web App

Your manager can access the refresh token by going to the My Team tab > staff with stale data > Click on the ‘ Refresh account’ button.

Mobile app

Your manager can also refresh your account on the mobile app too. Go to my team > click on staff’s name with stale data > Click on ‘Refresh account’.

If you are still unable to resolve the issue, please contact our friendly StaffAny Customer Support via the in-app help chat for further assistance.

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