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Shift Category & Shift Based Timesheets
Shift Category & Shift Based Timesheets
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With Shift Categories, you can now categorize your shifts into specific categories. This makes it easier to keep track of different types of shifts (E.g. Full Shift, Regular Shift, Middle Shift, etc.). By grouping shifts into categories, you can see a consolidated view of all the shifts within a category, making it easier to see at a glance how many shifts are scheduled and how many type of shifts are being worked.

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Tier: NA

Product: Shift Category & Shift-Based Timesheets

Platform: Web

Access Level: Manager/Owner

This feature is currently an exclusive feature; please contact our Support Team or your Account Manager to enable this feature.

This guide covers the following steps:

Setting up the shift category

  1. Go to the Settings → Click on Shift Category.

  2. Create Shift Category

    1. Click the "Create Shift Category" button.

    2. Fill in the required information: Name, Timing, Unpaid Break, Shift Color.

    3. Click “Create”. After creating the shift category, you can use it as a template for scheduling.

  3. Edit Shift Category:

    1. Click the “Edit” button.

    2. Update the Name, Timing, Unpaid Break, or Shift Color as desired.

    3. Press Save

    If you update the Name, all shifts created under that category will be updated accordingly. Updating the Timing, Unpaid Break, or Shift Color will not affect past timesheets or schedules. The updated details will be used for future scheduling when the details are auto-populated.

  4. Delete Shift Category:

    1. Click the "Delete" button.

Please note that you can only delete a shift category if no shifts are created under it.

Using shift categories for scheduling

  1. Navigate to the "Schedule" tab.

  2. Click on the “+” button. Select the date and category from the dropdown menu for which you want to create a shift. Selecting a category during creation or editing is mandatory.

  3. When selecting a category from the dropdown, the template details will auto-populate for easy scheduling. If needed, you can make slight changes to the shift details before clicking "Create"

  4. Click the "Create" button.

  5. Assign the shift to the appropriate staff members by clicking the staff’s shift slot.

    It's important to note that shifts cannot be directly created from the staff's shift slot.

Monitoring timesheet data consolidated by category

  1. Navigate to the “Timesheet” tab.

  2. Select the desired date range of timesheets.

  3. The timesheet will display a summary of shifts worked by all staff. The columns provide the following details:

    1. Sched: Total scheduled shifts within the selected period.

    2. Total: Total shifts with complete clock-in & clock-out records.

    3. Diff: The difference between Total Attendance and Scheduled Shifts.

    4. Shift Category: Total attendance is categorized by Shift Categories.

    5. Uncategorized Shift: Shifts under Total attendance without a Shift Category defined.

    6. OT: Total Overtime hours.

    7. Tag: A label assigned to the shift, such as late, absent, or leave.

Exporting shift-based timesheets

  1. Go to the Timesheet section and select the desired time period.

  2. Click the "Export Filtered" button.

  3. Choose between "Summary" to export the consolidated timesheet or "Individual" to export the daily format.

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