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Setting Up StaffAny Fulfilled Rewards
Setting Up StaffAny Fulfilled Rewards
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Distribute your rewards to your staff automatically with StaffAny Fulfilled Rewards (SFR). Employees can instantly redeem rewards and have those rewards delivered straight to them.

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Tier: NA

Product: EngageAny

Platform: Web

EngageAny is currently an exclusive feature, please contact our sales or drop us an email at [email protected]

This article will educate you on how to set up StaffAny Fulfilled Rewards (SFR) for the first time.

This guide will cover the following:

  1. Setting Up StaffAny Fulfilled Rewards

    Note: We have set the coins-to-dollar ratio for you to follow:

    • Singapore: 100 Coins = S$1

    • Malaysia: 100 Coins = RM 1

    • Indonesia: 100 Coins = Rp 10,000

    First-Time Set Up

    1. To set up SFR for the first time, contact us via the Intercom Chat. A StaffAny Representative will reach out to you shortly to discuss your rewards budget.

    Note: A minimum amount is applicable when you top up your reward balance.

    2. Once a budget has been finalized, StaffAny will send you an invoice on your first top-up. Payment must be made before we can set up SFR for you.

    3. You can view your reward balance on the Rewards Dashboard.

    Managing StaffAny Fulfilled Rewards Catalogue

    We offer a variety of rewards that your staff can redeem. You can manage this catalogue to either show or hide rewards.

    On the first time set up, we set all brands as inactive by default. To set a brand as “Active”, follow the following steps:

    1. Select “Manage StaffAny Fulfilled Catalogue”.

    2. Select “Inactive Brands”.

    3. Select “Set Active” on the brand that you want to set active.

    4. Select “Confirm” to proceed.

    5. Any “Active” Brand will be under “Active Brands”.

    To set an active brand as inactive, simply select “Set Inactive”. The brand will appear on the “Inactive Brands” tab.

    Redeeming Rewards via App

    You can learn more about it in this help article.

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