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Managing Submissions for Create Your Own Challenge
Managing Submissions for Create Your Own Challenge
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Tier: NA

Product: EngageAny

Platform: Web

Access Level: Owner, Manager

This article will guide you through the process of managing your staff's proof submissions for challenges with the goal type, “Create Your Own Challenges”.

This guide will cover the following:

Managing Submissions

Viewing Submissions Via Challenge Card

To view the submission that your staff has sent, follow these steps:

1) On the Challenge Dashboard, click into a challenge card that has “X proof submitted. Click in to manage!”.

2) You will be directed to the Challenge Detail page, where you can view the current progress of participants and their submissions.

3) On the table, click on “Show Proof”.

4) The submission will be displayed here depending on the proof type.

Viewing Submissions via Actions Needed Tab

Any CYOC challenge that has proof submitted will also appear on the “Actions Needed” tab in the Challenge Table. You can click on the tab to view them.

Accepting Submissions

To approve the submission, follow these steps:

1) Click ✓ to approve the submission.

2) Select a milestone to award the participant. Check to acknowledge that you are able to accept the submission for the list of staff and click “Confirm”.

Note: Once you accept the submission, the participant will receive the coins. Participants can only do this once.

Rejecting Submissions

To reject the submission, follow these steps:

1) Click ‘X’ to reject the submission.

2) Provide the reason for rejection for your staff. This reason will be displayed to the staff member.

3) Click on the “Confirm” Button.

Note: Staff members who have been rejected can resubmit their proof during the ongoing challenge. But, after the cycle ends, they will no longer have the option to submit their proof.

Access Level Restriction

There is an access level restriction for managing submission:





View Submission





Manage Proofs (Accept / Reject)

Yes, for manager, supervisor, employee

Yes, only for supervisor and employee



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