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Completing and Submitting Downward Reviews
Completing and Submitting Downward Reviews

Learn how reviewers complete and submit downward reviews on both Web and App.

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Contents of this article are applicable to the following users

Tier: NA

Product: EngageAny

Platform: Web, App

Access Level: Owner, Manager, Supervisor

This article will guide you through how a reviewer completes and submits a downward review on Web (For Owners and Managers) and App (For Supervisors only).

This guide will cover the following:

  1. On Web

    • Via Notifications

    • Via “Reviews to Complete” on Appraisals Dashboard

    • Via “View Cycle” on Appraisals Dashboard

  2. On App

On Web

Note: Only Owner and Manager access levels can complete downward reviews on Web.

When a reviewer is assigned to complete a downward review for a reviewee, they will receive a notification for every reviewee they need to review.

Via Notifications

1) To view the notification, simply click the Bell icon found on the top right of the navigation bar.

2) Within the notification window, the list of reviews to complete will be displayed. Clicking on the notification will redirect you to the questionnaire.

In addition, owners and managers who are reviewers will also receive notifications on their App to inform them that there are reviews to be completed.

Via Appraisals Dashboard

To view the reviews that you are required to complete,

1) Go to “Appraisals”.

2) Under “Reviews to Complete”, you will see a card that displays the name of the Review Cycle and the number of reviews you have to complete.

3) Click on the card to view more details.

4) Here, you can see the list of reviewees that you are required to review. Click on “Write Review” to write a review for the selected reviewee.

5) You will be redirected to the questionnaire. Answer the questions and click “Submit” once you are done.

6) A success toast will appear, informing you that the review has been submitted successfully. The review status of that submission will change from Awaiting Review to Review Submitted.

7) Once all reviews you are assigned to complete have been submitted. The card will indicate the following:

On App

Note: Only Supervisors access level can complete downward reviews on App.

To complete assigned reviews,

1) Select the Heart icon on the top right of the screen to open up the EngageAny tab.

2) Scroll down to “Appraisals” and select “See More”.

3) Select a review cycle that you want to view by tapping on a card.

4) Here you can view more details on the review cycle. Click on “Write Review” on the reviewee card below to start the review.

5) Fill up the questionnaire. Once done, tap “Submit” found at the bottom of the questionnaire. Once you have completed all assigned reviews for the review cycle, the card will show the following:

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