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Platform: Web

Access Level: Owner & Manager

This guide will cover the following:

Add Staff Individually

Every staff account is attached to a specific phone number, so do ensure that the numbers provided are up to date.

1. In the Web App, go to My Team > click on ‘+ Add Staff’ button.

2. Select the section you wish to add your staff into to ensure that their particulars are tagged to that section.

3. Enter the details of each staff member.

For foreign numbers, click on the country flag to change the country code accordingly.

Access levels determine the types of viewing and editing permissions to the staff. Here’s a quick overview of the levels from bottom up:

  • Employee: Only able to view and acknowledge their own schedule and timesheet

  • Supervisor: Able to view the section schedule on a daily basis, no editing rights

  • Manager: Schedule Employees, Add Employees to Organization, Edit and Export Timesheets

  • Owner: View and Input Wages, Edit Company Settings

The default role in the system is Staff. If you have created other roles, you will be able to choose from the dropdown box.

Enabling the ‘Send App Link’ button will send out an SMS to the staff with a link prompting them to download the StaffAny app on their mobile phone

4 .Click on the ‘Confirm’ button

Having the “Send App Link” toggle turned on, you staff will be sent an invite link to join StaffAny via SMS once you click “Confirm

You will be able to see the staff you have just added with the ‘Resend Invite’ status under Account column. Once they have downloaded the app and created their profile, their status will be updated to 'Active'.

Mass Add Staff

1. In the Web App, go to My Team > click on ‘+ Mass Add/Edit’ button > CSV - Add New Staff.

2. Select the correct section > click the 'Download' button.

3. Open the downloaded CSV file and fill in the staff details.

Do note that columns D - G are case sensitive (lower case),

  • Phone Number: include country code (e.g.+6512345678)

  • Contract Type

  • Access Level

  • Role

  • Join Date: dd.mm.yy (e.g. 01.09.21)

4. Upload your CSV template > Click on the 'Submit' button

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