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Change of mobile number 

Users can change mobile number on their own in the Mobile App, hence retaining all the data (eg timesheet, schedules and leaves).

As each individual user's data is tied to their specific mobile number, we take such changes very seriously to ensure data stored is not compromised. 

Method 1: For change of new mobile number only (ie User still has the phone that is logged into StaffAny)

  1. User gets a new sim card (i.e new phone number)

  2. If User's phone is logged into StaffAny app (with old number), user can still continue to use StaffAny.

  3. Change phone number as shown below. Note: OTP will be sent to new number

  4. In the Mobile App, go to 'More' tab > Change your Phone Number

Method 2: For change of new mobile number AND device:

  1. You need access to both old and new numbers.

  2. On new device, install StaffAny app and log in using your old number. OTP will be sent to old number.

  3. Follow the above steps to change phone number: go to 'More' tab > Change your Phone Number

  4. The OTP SMS will be sent to your new number.

Note: Do contact us or your manager for assistance if you do not have access to the old number or old logged in phone anymore.

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