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There are two ways for your Part Timers to indicate their availability:

  1. Shift Availabilities: Request Part Timers to indicate which shifts they can work

  2. Day Availabilities: Part Timers indicate their day availability on a weekly basis

Day availabilities helps with visualisation and fast scheduling with the help of automating the timings for the start and end of the shift. You do not have to manually input shift timings.

This guide will cover the following:

Part Timers have to Indicate Their Availability First

Instead of getting your staff to inform you on their availability on WhatsApp or through a phone call, you can get them to indicate via StaffAny’s mobile app now! This gives you an overview on how you can plan your schedule more efficiently.

Find out how they indicate their availability on their mobile app here. You may consider setting an SOP to provide a fixed weekly deadline they have to indicate by to fit your scheduling rhythm.

Web App: Schedule with Part Timers' Day Availability

  1. In Web app, go to Schedule > Select the week > Select the section.

    You will be able to see the Part Timer's stated timings.

  2. Click on empty cell of the Part Timer > Select the shift you want to assign > Select the role.

Mobile App: Schedule with Part Timers' Day Availability

  1. In Mobile app, go to Schedule > Tap on filter icon > Select Employee > Click Save.

2. Select Section > Tap on calendar icon to select the week.

3. You will be able to see the Part Timer's day availability.

4. Tap on a Plus box with a green dot > You will be able to see the staff’s availability for that day.

If staff indicated a timing for their availability, the shift timings will be automatically set based on that.

Note: Do advise your staff to not make any changes after your given cut off time as it may provide confusion to you while planning your schedule.

Overnight Availabilities

'+1' indicates that the shift availability extends until the next day.

This will also be displayed on the Mobile App when you are assigning your staff to the shifts.

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