Delete Clocked Records

How to remove specific staff clocked in/out record(s)

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Deleting clocked records

Deleting of staff clocked records should only be done as a last resort. We do not encourage deletion so as to protect data integrity.

If the staff clocked in to a wrongly assigned shift, or you have accidentally overridden a timesheet clocked record, you can reset the records in their timecard so that total working hours are not affected. This way, the record history is preserved just in case.

If you are Manager access level, please contact your HR that has Owner access to delete the records.

Who can delete clocked records?

  • Only Owner access levels can do so

  • If you are a Manager access level, please contact your HR with Owner access to delete the record for you

Steps to delete clocked records:

1. Find the clocked record of a staff you want to delete > Click on the clocked record to open the Timesheet Detail modal > Delete clocked record

2. Leave a reason for why you are deleting this record

3. Select if you would like to also unassign this staff from the shift

Note: If owner does not unassign staff from the shift when deleting the clocked record, staff will be tagged as absent. Otherwise, if staff is unassigned, the shift slot will be deleted

4. Check a record of deleted clocked records from Reports > Deleted clocked records

*Note that managers will not be able to delete clocked records, but would be able to see the record of deleted records.


  1. Can I only delete clocked records using the web app or is it also supported on mobile?

    1. Deleting of clocked records and viewing of deleted clocked records can only be done via the web app

  2. Will staff get notified of deleted clocked records?

    1. Yes, your staff will be notified via mobile push notification, and they will also be notified in the app

      1. Push notification:

      2. In app:

  3. I am using EngageAny. Will the results of challenges be affected if I delete a clock record for my staff?

    1. Yes, it will only affect ACTIVE challenges

  4. When should I consider deleting clocked records?

    1. One case could be when staff had already clocked into their shift but halfway through the shift, they have to take MC because of sickness or Emergency Leave due to other reasons. In this scenario, leave will be applied for that day, and deleting the clocked records would be appropriate

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