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Web App: Approve Leave Requests
Web App: Approve Leave Requests

Approve your staff's leave requests through Web app

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Platform: Web

Access Level: Owner & Manager

This guide will cover the following:

The StaffAny leave system works either by

  1. Top-down Assigning leaves

  2. Bottoms-up Applying leaves.

View and Approve/Decline Leave Applications

There are two ways to view your staff leave applications.

For Web App

Through Notifications

  1. Click on the bell icon on the top right to view all the Leave Requests submitted by your staff.

  2. Click on an individual leave request card for more details.

  3. Click Accept or Decline.

Through My Team

  1. Click on the name of the staff you want to review the leave for.

  2. Click on the Leaves card to see the list of pending leave requests for that particular staff.

Two-tier Leave Approver Methods

Up to two levels of approvers can be assigned to a leave approval structure at any one time. Read more here.

Method 1: 1st approver approves, then 2nd approver approves.

Method 2: 2nd approver approves without 1st approver’s approval. The 1st approver’s consent will be skipped.

Note: 1st Approver will not be able to edit the leave application anymore after the 2nd Approver approves.

Edit Leave Application

You can edit your staff's leave application easily to allow quick automated calculations of your staff’s leave balances within the system!

  1. Click 'Edit' button.

  2. You can edit the following details of your staff's leave applications:

    1. Changing any day of the leaves to half-day/full day

    2. Removing any day from the leave applications

    3. Change the leave hours per day

  3. Click Accept.

View Uploaded Image of Leave

You can view the uploaded images which support the leave application.

For example: Medical Certificate (MC) for a Medical Leave.

Method 1: View when approving pending leaves

Method 2: View from Schedule, on the relevant dates

Method 3: View from Timesheet, on the relevant dates


1) Who can edit or cancel a leave after it has been approved?

  • Basically the highest approver can edit or cancel a staff's leave after it has been approved.

    • If your organisation is on a 2-tier approval system:

      • ONLY the 2nd approver can edit/cancel the leave if the application is approved by 2nd approver.

      • 1st approver can edit/cancel the leave if the application is not approved by 2nd approver yet.

    • If your organisation is on a 1-tier approval system, the approver can edit/cancel the leave.

  • Staff can edit/withdraw/cancel the approved leave too.

2) Leave self-approval. There are two managers in the section. Leave Approval is set up to be by section managers. Can manager self-approve his leave?

  • Manager can self-approve his leave.

  • This is similar to how manager can assign leave to himself on Schedule, bypassing the approval system.

3) How do I edit the number of leave hours? Eg. A staff applies for an Off Day but the number of leave hours is set to 10 hours for that day. I want to set it to 0 hours.

This can be done on Schedule or Timesheet. On Schedule, select the cell that the staff applied the leave for. Edit the field below to change the number of leave hours.

In Timesheet, select the Staff that applied for the leave and the date of the leave. Edit the field below to change the number of leave hours.

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