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SafeEntry Integration
Setting up SafeEntry on StaffAny
Setting up SafeEntry on StaffAny

Reduce double work and ensure compliance by clocking in to StaffAny and SafeEntry together

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Note: We are integrated with TraceTogether. If you have set up SafeEntry integration previously, you are good to go! Read more here.

SafeEntry is a visitor registration tool mandated for all businesses in Singapore to help with Government contact tracing efforts. With StaffAny, you can easily setup the StaffAny <> SafeEntry integration so your employees will never forget to check in to SafeEntry. Learn about the employee SafeEntry check in flow here.

Here is a quick 3 step set-up guide :)

1. Setting up SafeEntry

First, go to the National Digital Identity (NDI) website and login with your CorpPass account.

Once logged in, setup SafeEntry for your business by following the instructions under the tab Apply for SafeEntry.

Upon confirming creation for SafeEntry, you can download the QR code as shown.

2. Getting the SafeEntry QR Code URL

Go to the ZXing QR Code URL generator website, and upload your SafeEntry QR Code image.

Copy your SafeEntry QR Code URL.

3. Integrating SafeEntry to StaffAny

Go to the StaffAny Web Section Settings, and click on the Section that you want to setup SafeEntry for. <StaffAny Web App > Settings > Sections > Select Section>

Please note only Owner access level will be able to set this up.

Click on the SafeEntry Integration tab, paste in your SafeEntry QR Code URL, and click Save.

The SafeEntry URL you are uploading should have the following base:

If you are getting the URL link by scanning the QR code directly, please ensure to copy the second part of the link (e.g. PROD-20181323424R-457002-XXXXXXXXX-SE/) and add in to the base URL shown above for it to work.

Do ensure your StaffAny Mobile App is updated to the
latest version (1.18.0 and above) in order for this to work too!

Your Section is now integrated to SafeEntry!

Note: SafeEntry setup is for one section. If you have multiple sections at different locations, continue to setup SafeEntry for each Section by generating a new SafeEntry QR Code URL and paste the URL for each Section.

If you have multiple sections in the same location, you can use the same SafeEntry QR Code URL to set up. 

Removing the SafeEntry Integration

Go to StaffAny Web Section Settings, and click on the Section you want to remove the integration. On the SafeEntry Integration tab, delete the SafeEntry URL and click Save. 

Note: Your past timesheet data will still be retained in the StaffAny system even after removing the SafeEntry Integration.

What’s next?

Learn about how your employees can check in to SafeEntry through StaffAny

Need more information on SafeEntry? Find out more in our FAQ section.

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