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Cost Summary: Sales & Costing Report
Cost Summary: Sales & Costing Report

Reduce manual admin work generating weekly costing reports

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Platform: Web

This guide will cover the following :

    1. Getting Attendance Data

    2. Getting Sales Data

This guide is for accounts that have Cost Summary Tab in Reports activated. If you would like access to this report, please contact us and we will enable it for your account.

Setting up staff profile

Ensure that your staff are tagged to the correct section; that their compensation are tagged correctly based on their appointments.


  • hourly for part-timers

  • monthly for full-timers)

To view an accurate value of leave hours and cost for a particular section, ensure that each staff’s leave hours are tagged correctly.

To set up staff profile :

  1. In the Web app, go to “My Team” > Select Staff Profile

  2. Click on “Off and Leave

  3. Tag the section you want to attribute leave costs > “Save

Getting Attendance Data

Ensure that staff are scheduled and clock in and out of their shifts to get labour hour figures. Find out more here.

Getting Sales Data

Ensure that you have input actual sales data.

Reading Report

To access the costing reports

  1. Go to :"Reports" > "Cost Summary

  2. Select the date range and section of interest

  3. The report will reflect those selections.

Refer to the below table for an in-depth explanation of each column -

Column Name


Actual Sales ($)

Actual Sales for this section for this time period

Target Sales ($)

Target Sales for this section for this time period

Variance ($)

Actual Sales - Target Sales

Actual Labor ($)

Total actual labour cost (Salaried + Hourly staff)

Salaried Labor ($)

Labour cost for Salaried staff

Salaried OT ($)

OT cost for Salaried staff

Hourly Labor ($)

Labour cost for Hourly staff

Hourly OT ($)

OT cost for Hourly staff

Labor Percentage

Actual Labor / Actual Sales * 100%

Exporting Report

  1. Click on the “Download” Icon > Choose the format you wish to export in

    Sample of the exported report:

    Note: If there is missing data in the Cost Summary Report, please give it up to an hour to update before checking again.

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