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Platform: Web

Access Level: Owner & Manager

Timesheet allows you to track and manage your staff’s working hours. You can view all your staff clocked records and take action on any discrepancies with our tag and status column.

This guide will cover the following:

View and Export Timesheets

You can view your timesheets in the Web App. You could use various filters so it would only display the information you are looking for. You can also export the timesheet in CSV format for easy integration to other platforms!

To access timesheets:

  1. In Web app, go to “Timesheet”

There are different filters you can utilise to easily view specific information you want in your timesheets.

1. Date

2. Wage Type

You can filter by wage type

  1. Salaried Staff

  2. Hourly Staff

Section Staff / Hours

Section Staff

Filter this to find staff who is TAGGED to a specific section

Section Hours

Filter this to find staff who has WORKED in a specific section

Exporting Timesheet

To export timesheet:

  1. In the Web App Timesheets, Click on Export Filtered > click Summary or Individual.


An overview of total worked hours for all staff for the selected time period.


A detailed breakdown of hours worked by individual or all staff for the selected time period.

For Individual, select the criteria (if needed) > click Export.

Average out OT across worked days

This will help calculate the total hours that staff worked more than their sum of OT LIMITS across the days they worked.

Include non-worked day rows

This will show date rows in the export even if the staff has not scheduled any activity for dthe day.


Staff A is an hourly staff until 30th June, and he became a salaried staff on 1st July.

Hourly Staff: up until 30th June

Salaried Staff: 1st July onwards

By exporting a timesheet by filtering Hourly Staff only, his data from 30th June onwards will be shown empty despite him actually working on 1st July.

Click the button below for the sample of the Timesheet Export


Staff with outstanding issues (e.g. unscheduled shifts request or unapproved leaves) will not be filtered out as the pending unscheduled shifts request or unapproved leaves do not affect the staff’s monthly paid hours until they are finalised and approved.

Edit Clocked Records

  1. In Web app, go to Timesheet > Select the desired time frame and/or Section Staff/Hours to view your Timesheet.

  2. Click on a staff to view the clocked records.

3. Click on the clocked records.

4. Adjust Timeclock by selecting the time and/or Unpaid break by inserting the number > Click Save.

Black: Original clocked records

Green: Amended clocked records

All clocked records and changes made to Timesheet and published Schedule will be shown under Timecard History.

View Location/Photo Taken When A Staff Clocked In/Out

If your staff is tagged in a section with Web Timeclock or GPS Timeclock, you are able to view the location and/or photo taken at the time they clocked in/out in Timesheet.

  1. In Web app, go to Timesheet > Select the desired time frame and/or Section Staff/Hours to view your Timesheet.

  1. Click on a staff > Hover over the eye icon.

3. Click on the eye icon to open the location/photos.

Note: There will be no location if the section is under the Web Timeclock setting

To learn more about Timeclock Methods, visit the help article here

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