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Find out how to set up and view the Permission Groups for your staff

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Use Permission Groups to allow or restrict specific functions for the default StaffAny access levels to suit your organizational structure better.

  • You can use permission groups to set custom-defined permissions for different groups of users.

  • Users in those permission groups will not be able to perform actions that they don’t have the permissions for.

For example, if a group of your staff should be allowed to do everything within the default manager access level besides approving leave and approving unscheduled shifts, you can create and tag those staff to a custom defined permission group to achieve this.

Refer here to learn more about our default access levels.

Setting up Permission Groups for your team

Reach out to the StaffAny Support Team via Intercom to unlock this, and set this up for your organization!

Creating new Permission Groups and Assigning staff to permission groups

You will need to fill up the Permission Group setup google form first. From there, the team will help to create new Permissions Groups and assign the relevant staff for you.

Seeing Permission Groups for your staff

To check if the Permission Groups are correctly assigned to the relevant staffs:

  1. Go to My Team > Click on the staff’s name.

  2. Under the staff’s work information, view the Permission Groups tagged to him under the Permission Group’s tab as shown in the picture below.

You may refer below to the default access levels with their given permissions. The current permissions that we can allows or restrict to certain access levels are highlighted in green.

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