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How to Deactivate & Reactivate Staff
How to Deactivate & Reactivate Staff

For when staff resigns/quit/leave the company

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Platform: Web & Mobile

Access Level: Owner & Manager

In the event a staff resigns and have left the company, and you wish to revoke their access or remove him, you can deactivate their account in My Team.

This guide covers the following

Web App - Deactivating Staff

  1. Click on the staff's profile in MyTeams

  2. Click on 'Deactivate Staff' at the bottom.

  3. Staff profile will now go into 'Inactive staff' tab in MyTeam (see below)

You will receive the following pop-up notification to inform you of the restricted access upon deactivating the staff. By deactivating your staff:

  1. Staff will not be able to access or log in to this organisation.

  2. Staff’s existing published and unpublished shifts assigned from today onwards will be removed.

  3. Staff’s historical data like shifts, clocked records, and leaves will be retained.

  4. Staff’s leave will stop accruing. The accrual will resume on the day staff gets reactivated in the future.

However, the staff’s historical data will remain in the system and will not be removed.

Mobile App - Deactivating Staff

On the More tab, click on My Team and select the user to deactivate. Scroll down and click on the ‘Deactivate’ button. Select the box and click on ‘Proceed to Deactivate’.

Deactivation & reactivation permissions for the following access level are as follows:

You can access this article for more information about the different access levels for our users.

Web App - Reactivating Staff

If you wish to reactivate the account of deactivated staff

  1. Click on Inactive Staff tab

  2. Click on Staff's Profile

  3. Click on 'Reactivate Staff' button below

Mobile App - Reactivating Staff

On the More tab, click on My Team, search and click on the staff account you have deactivated under the inactive tab. Scroll down and click on the ‘Reactivate Staff button’.

Automatic Deactivation with Contract End Date feature

Enable automatic deactivation of inactive staff by filling in the Contract End Date field.

  1. Go to My Team tab

  2. Chose on the staff you wish to enable this feature on

  3. Click anywhere inside the Work Information box

  4. Click on the Select date button beside CONTRACT END DATE

  5. Select the date of your Staff's last working day.

Once contract end date is added, the following will be triggered:

  • Unassign staff from shifts after the end date

  • Stop accrual of leaves past the end date

  • Remove from engagement challenges on end date

In addition, staff's account will be automatically deactivated after 60 days, and moved to Inactive Staffs.

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