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Scheduling Request Methods
Scheduling Request Methods

Three ways to automatically sync staff availability to your schedule for accurate and faster planning

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You can say goodbye to collecting availabilities and shift requests on third party communication tools! StaffAny offers an array of scheduling request methods that automatically syncs staff availability to your schedule for accurate and faster planning.

You can schedule your staff based on staff availability through the following three methods:

  1. Scheduling your staff by Mass Grab Shift

Part Timers' Day Availabilities

Ask your staff to submit their day availability and then allocate the shifts to them accordingly. With the instant overall view of your staff’s day availability, you can save your time in scheduling for a more efficient workforce coverage!

Check out this help article to learn more about scheduling with Part Timer’s Day Availabilities.

Part Timers' Shift Availabilities

You can now create shifts with defined time slots, and your staff can select the shifts they want to take up.

Check out this help article to save time scheduling while accounting for staff's shift availabilities!

Mass Grab Shift

You can also create multiple shift requests, and instantly assign the shifts to the staff after they have grabbed the one they desired on a first-come, first-serve basis. Giving your staff the ability to grab shifts will reduce the time needed to consider the specific employee you want to allocate the shift to.

When the shift is grabbed by your staff, a grab shift request will be sent to users with owner/manager access level for awareness.

Check out this help article to learn more about how Mass Grab Shift works!

The table below summarises the differences and similarities of the three different scheduling request methods:

Staff choose from available time slots

Instant assign to schedule / First-come, first-serve

Instant view staff's daily availabilities to schedule them

Part-time Day Availability

Part-time Shift Availability

Mass Grab Shift

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