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Leave setup: Progressive Leave Entitlement
Leave setup: Progressive Leave Entitlement
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This guide will cover the following:

What is Progressive Leave Entitlement about?

Under this segment, you will be able to set the leave entitlement for staff based on the number of years of service with you.

Example 1:

You can set 14 days of leave for staff who stayed with you for 1 year only.

Example 2:

You can set 20 days of leave for staff who stayed with you for more than 1 year, eg: 2 years.

To set more leave entitlements for the other staff who stayed with you from a later date onwards, click > Add Year/Period > Input the Days of leave for that respective year.

Other Settings

Working day

What if I want to count the leave type as a working day? To count the leave type such as Annual Leaves and MC leaves as a working day within your timesheet export, scroll down to other settings > Select the ‘Working day’ button to enable this function.

Unpaid Leave

You can specify if the leave type represents a time off and is counted as unpaid by checking the 'Unpaid Leave' check box. When selected, the leave taken can be used to deduct the staff's pay.

Default Leave Hour

You can also automatically count the staff’s default working hours (useful for OT calculations) when they go on leave. You can do this by selecting the ‘Default to staff’s leave hours when assigning’ button to enable this function. You can view how to do it through this help article.

Common Leave Types and Their Settings

Check out this help article on how to set-up MOM recommended leave types.

For other countries leave types

Click on the following articles to learn more about setting up your Leave Accruals.

How to set up Leave Accrual?

Choosing the right Leave Entitlement Period and Allocation Method

Leave Probation and Unused Leaves

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