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Scheduling with Mass Grab Shift

How to schedule even faster with our first come first serve shifts!

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What is Mass Grab Shift

The mass grab shift feature gives the staff the freedom to take shifts that are unfilled on a first come first serve basis. This reduces the time needed to plan shifts for specific employees!

Mass Grab shift can be done anytime (pre- or post- publish week). It is important to note that when staff grab the shift requests, they only select the shift and not the roles in the shifts. Thus, to ensure the grab shift works effectively, the shift should only have one role type (eg cashier).


Staff A wants to take up Role A.

However, I have created shifts consisting of Roles A and B. After sending out the grab requests, Staff A may accidentally grab the shift consisting of Role B, which is not what they wanted.

How to set up Mass Grab Shift?

Step 1: Go to Schedule > Create a new shift.

Step 2: Click Request > Select Mass Grab Request.

A pop up will ask the group of staff you want to allocate the unfilled shifts to. The requests will be sent out to the staff within the current section only.

The team will be able to get the shifts on a first-come, first-serve basis, and they will be instantly assigned to published weeks. You will have three groups of staffs you can allocate the unfilled shifts to:

  1. Full Timers only

  2. Part Timers only

  3. All Staff.

After choosing the option > Click Request.

A banner will appear at the top of the screen, indicating the number of requests that have been created.

From there, your staff can access the StaffAny’s app on his phone to grab the shift.

You can find out how staff grab shifts on their mobile app here.

FYI: Calculation of the number of shift requests

The number of shift requests made is dependent on the group of staff you want to assign the grab shifts to.

The formula for the number of requests made:

The requests will be sent out for ALL shifts, regardless of published status or whether the shift is unfilled or filled. However, only the unfilled shifts are available for your employees to grab.


You have a total of 35 staff in the section.

There are a total of 21 unfilled shifts for this week.

Thus, the highest possible number of mass grab requests is:

21 x 35 = 735 requests made.

If you would like to send out mass grab to staff outside of your own section, contact our team on Intercom to book a consultation session with us to learn more on how to do it!

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