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Clock-in-clock-out with Unscheduled Shift Request
Clock-in-clock-out with Unscheduled Shift Request

Learn how to clock-in-clock-out when you do not have an assigned shift

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Platform: Mobile

Access Level: Owner/Manager/Supervisor/Employee

You can still clock-in-clock-out if your manager has yet to assign you a shift!

The difference between unscheduled shift and assigned shift clock-in-clock-out is that unscheduled shift needs managerial approval at the end of the day, before it will show up in your timesheet hours.

Note: If you have an assigned shift, please DO NOT request for unscheduled shift.

  1. In Mobile app, go to Daily > Tap on Send Unscheduled Shift Request.

  2. Select a section.

  3. Complete your usual clock in process.

  4. Complete your usual start/stop break (if you would like to take a break).

  5. After you have finished working, complete your usual clock out process.

  6. If you are required to continue working after you clocked out, tap on worked more to update your clocked out timing.

After that, the Manager will have to approve/reject the unscheduled shift. Click here to find out how to approve/reject unscheduled shift request.

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